The Real Personality of Neil Dhillon

Neil Dhillon
Neil Dhillon is from an outstanding educational institution of The American University. With the University’s efficient instructions, he has become very competent and knowledgeable. He earned a degree in Political Science in 1984. And in 1988, his dedication on the government concerns began rising. He had the opportunity working as a Chief of Staff for Congressman Bob Matsui. President Bill Clinton has also trusted him to take charge on the Deputy Assistant Secretary of the United States Department of Transportation position in 1993. Because of his excellent job, the President acknowledged him to be the top American appointee throughout a particular ceremony in the White House.

Other than the government dealings, Neil Dhillon has also extended his services to share his expertise in the private sector. He acted as the Media and Public Affairs Director while he is staying at the American Academy of Actuaries. Together with about 18,000 member of the professional organization, Dhillon can deal with different personalities. The different professions include consultants, corporate executives, academics, regulators, government officials, and retired actuaries. He never show superiority and being very authoritative. He still is able to balance his position as a leader and as a member also. His primary motivation is service beyond the financial needs. For the six years of being in service, he was already sharing his capabilities and knowledge with the Public Relations. The trust of President Clinton on him never fades and it is evident on the jobs he offered for Dhilion.

Neil DhillonNeil Dhillon can adapt very easily to every kind of environment he goes. With his experience as a Public Affairs Director in Financial Dynamic, he completely offered everything he knows for a better strategic communications. He worked for the better of his different clients. These clients are the executive officials and organization leader from all around the world. He wasn’t hesitant in sharing his effective strategies for the better of his clients. With Dhillon’s good skills in communication, he was well-appreciated by many because he was seen as a hardworking servant both for government and private sector. He gained better understanding and popularity because of his daily works’ conversation.

Many employees find Mr. Dhillon as a very approachable person despite of his position and intimate connection with former President Bill Clinton. Moreover, they see Dhillon as a perfect role model and the man who always keep his own feet on ground. Neil Dhillon believes that every people can be an organization’s assets. He can be considered as a kind of person who has the skills and knowledge for the improvement and better of everybody. He doesn’t brag about his achievements and do his jobs without complaining.

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