The Parents and other Important People to Andrea Doven

Andrea DovenEvery individual wants to have parents who show support in everything that you do. A parent who will show unconditional love to his children in times of vicissitudes. A parent who has always few minutes or many times to spend a day with their children and Andrea Doven has that very supportive parent who becomes her scaffold in every moment of her life.

Her father is Robert Morse who is a stage and screen actor and her mother is Carole D’Andrea who is a dancer in the original West Side Story Broadway stage and film. These kinds of parents became also the inspiration of Andrea Doven to pursue her dream of being a theater actress. The influence of her parents is so big to her aside from pursuing the same kind of profession; they made a person like Andrea Doven who is very kind-hearted, and very intelligent.

These qualities are already proven in all of the jobs that Andrea Doven had done. She is really standing out. Say for instance when she planned to join the audition in the most prestigious 4 year acting conservatory programs in the country, she is chosen out of 3000 aspirers. She has also become very effective when she was working in another job not related to the theater industry. This proves that she is a very intelligent woman.

She is not only an intelligent woman but also a kind-hearted one. Andrea Doven cares about Education, Environment, and Human Rights. She is not only caring about herself but also she cares on other people and the environment. Her parents are really good people because they will never have like Andrea Doven. Good parents beget good children.

Andrea DovenAndrea Doven is soon married to Michael Doven. They got married in January 20, 1995 and luckily they have already one kid. She is also a good parent like her parents. Her child will also become intelligent and kind-hearted just like Andrea Doven. She will also practice how her parents act as parents.

Andrea Doven is the Carole D’Andrea and Robert Morse oldest daughter. She is Robin Morse and Hilary Morse’s older sister. This may be one thing that make her become like that. Her parents may be emphasized to her that she needs to become very responsible so that her siblings will have a good eldest sister to emulate.

Therefore, a parent should be really responsible enough in all of the things that your children need. You are the first person who will be emulated that is why you need to be a good role model.

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